Ian Miller earned a Masters in Education from Antioch University,  He has been involved with all type of printing and promotional products since 1984.  As the owner of I Miller international  he earned a Masters of Advertising Specialties,  is part of the PPAI advocates program, has been certified in product safety, is called upon by advertising agencies to develop product for their clients under the agency’s name. Mr. Miller has been the International Liaison to the Emirates Exhibition Center in Abu Dhabi, and a private consultant to a member of the Saudi Royal Family.  He is involved with the Rotary and also was appointed to the Essex County Mental Health Advisory Board.   He has been a care taker and guardian for his late mother. 


His extensive list of clients include some of the world largest law firms, several major universities, many hospitals, police, fire, health departments, and libraries, as well as some departments in  County government, several tech firms, several golf stores and some theatrical marketing companies,  just to categorize a few.  He also works with  celebrities, world leaders, and some mom and pop businesses .


He is creative, hard working, and resourceful. His manufactures are both US based and worldwide.  He is awesome!  (LOL  actually this is all true!) 


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